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Reports from board conversation on Islam and Homosexuality Panel topic on Islam & Homosexuality: Muslim sides. Conducted at George Arizona school, Oct 26, 2008

I apologize these notes are so sketchy a summary of the thing that was stated. Look into the internet site — they truly are offering to own an audio recording of a portion of the function uploaded toward the webpages soon enough.

1. Dr. Amal Amireh spoke in regards to the victimization with the gay proper matter by individuals with an Islamophobic agenda. She explained the M-word possesses replaced the N-word. No sex produces the discourse of contrast: the benefits of using homosexual Muslims maybe not for the benefit of the homosexual folks themselves but also in order to bash Islam. It really is made use of much like the “oppressed Muslim girl” has long been used to hit Islam, while in concept the condescending Orientalist discourse that exploits this dilemma doesn’t care about people.

Dr. Amal in addition criticise the denial of homosexuality during the Muslim community, the claim that gayness/feminism/human legal rights are a western development. The presence of groups like al-Fatiha Foundation, Aswat, Helem, and Meem shows that LGBT Muslims actually are present. The two insist on both Muslim and queer identity, and refuse to determine one specific. They might be attacked as “native informants,” in other words. inauthentic Arabs/Muslims. The politics of assertion allows the national politics of homophobia, so gays tend to be dependent on activities. Dr. Amal worried this just a Muslim market: homophobia was international.

She concluded that you can become against homophobia without bombing the Muslim nations; getting against Islamophobia without politics of denial of gays.

2. Imam Daayiee Abdullah specified that although gays commonly specifically pointed out through the Qur’an, it will do address these people once it claims “O man” and “O believers.” The Qur’an makes it possible for guys who may have no wish for women, plus in verse 24:60, women that do not have desire for men.

The homophobia based in the hadiths, Imam Daayiee believed: The hadiths are articles put as a training resource. It doesn’t mean that they are traditionally informative. The two assist the Muslims to understand facts; they are certainly not formula to adhere to, and even to cause harm to folks. Concerning hadiths mentioning to kill gays, Imam Daayiee said usually the hadiths were used for politics: if you do not want anybody, see how to eliminate them.

His assistance is definitely: look at the terminology for the Lut history inside Qur’an actually. People ruined for the reason that journey are heterosexual people that used homosexual act to rape. Erotic act rely on the conditions, for example halal nikah vs. haram. On the thing of replication: It does not indicate that every dude and wife will be able to procreate. Do you ever minimize all people that are struggle to procreate from taking pleasure in intercourse?

Through the Shari`ah: Imam Daayiee advised the task of teacher Khaled Abou El Fadl which says as part of his study of “The Authoritative and Authoritarian in Islamic Discourses” that folks aim to the Qur’an and Sunnah as authorities for laws. If the words is actually browse by real person heads, men and women come to be authoritarian by not just filtering out their biases. There is certainly discipline for homosexuality considering into the Qur’an. So scholars reckoned it actually was like heterosexual “zina.” Heterosexuals usually have a loophole to get out of discipline for zina. Especially gays there’s no appropriate ambiguity. The students have never presented an acceptable account fully for gays, such as nikah.

As to friendly tissues, repression of homosexuality kills marriages because people is pressured into unwanted relationships. This leads to respect killings. The jurists apply ta`zir punishments mainly because they cannot find any abuse through the Qur’an. When it comes to argument that Allah made mankind in “pairs,” which happens to be translated to imply heterosexual pairs, in fact once twins were created they may be fraternal twins, men and women, or similar twins, two men or two girls.